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Iratkozz fel hírlevelünkre és értesülj elsőként akcióinkról, programjainkról!
Survival Hungarian - 80 Hour Intensive Course

This course has been designed for English speaking university students, who have come to Hungary to attend a semester at a Hungarian university.

The Babilon Language School holds an intensive course in conversational Hungarian during the two-week period immediately preceding each Budapest Semesters in Mathematics semester.

We are confident that, like many previous course participants, you will find it a highly rewarding professional and cross-cultural experience.
This language course is not part of the BSM program; it should not be confused with the slower-paced Hungarian language course offered for credit by BSM during the term.

However, our course has been designed specifically for BSM participants and has been tested and improved for over two decades.

Click here to read some comments from earlier participants. 


It is an 80-hour intensive "Survival Hungarian" course

In addition to the classroom sessions, lectures and workshops (syllabus), the program includes walking tours of the town, providing ample opportunity for practising basic Hungarian conversation.

During the two weeks you will have a chance to meet some Hungarian students who will help you to get around in this marvelous city.
There will also be cultural events and walking tours. While you may well get by in Budapest just speaking English, many students have found that this language course helps to enhance their experience.


If you decide to participate in the language course, we recommend that you arrive in Budapest a few days earlier to reduce your jet-lag before classes start. Please let us know in advance if you do not expect to arrive in time for the first day of classes.


The fee for the language course is  90,000 Hungarian forints, to be paid  on registration in Hungarian currency.
The fee includes the textbooks. It does not include the dictionaries.


The Babilon Language School is located in the heart of downtown Budapest,  and  is easy to reach by subway (called METRO in Budapest):
Take the red subway line (indicated by large red "M" signs) to "ASTORIA" station.
The school is on the corner of Karoly boulevard (Karoly krt) and Dohany street (Dohany u),  across from the Main Synagogue, an architectural and cultural landmark.
The school is on the 4th floor of the "Belvárosi Színház / Downtown Theatre" building (take the elevator).



Babilon Nyelvstudio Budapest Karoly krt. 3/a, IV. em. Hungary H-1075


Telephone: (011) (36) (1) 269 5531 (011 is the overseas prefix if calling from North America.  36 is the country code for Hungary, and 1 is the city code for Budapest.
When calling from Budapest, just dial 269 5531.)


For further information please contact us:


Schedule Summary Spring 2017
Arrival (language course participants): on or before Tuesday, January 17
Registration for the language
course at BABILON
at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 18
Language classes begin at 9:00 a.m. on the same day
Language classes end by Friday, February 3
BSM classes start on Monday, February 6


Our offerings for foreigners

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 Our offers:
* Intensive "Survival Hungarian" course
* Regular 10 week and summer intesive Hungarian courses
* One-to-one, private lessons
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