• Babilon Nyelvstúdió
    in the heart of Budapest

    Since 1983

  • Lessons for people of all ages

    Senior (50+) courses 600 HUF / lesson
    Kids Program (age: 0-14) from 1500 HUF / lesson

  • Proficiency and quality
    of teaching languages

    Modern methods are based on speaking skills
    Native speaker teachers
    Accredited language courses
    Positive learning environment

  • Our services

    One-to-one lessons 4200 HUF / 45 minutes
    Group courses 1300 HUF / 45 minutes


❄💙❄Ezúton kívánunk kellemes ünnepeket minden kedves Hallgatónknak, Tanárunknak, Ismerősünknek és Barátunknak! Köszönjük Nektek ezt a csodás évet, reméljük a következő évben is ugyanilyen sok élményben, örömben és tanulásban lesz részünk Veletek! Találkozunk jövőre! ❄💙❄

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Courses and fees

Apply now to join our Hungarian, English or German courses, either for one-to-one lessons or in a group.

Participants Prices
1 participant 4,200 HUF / 45 minutes
2 participants 2,100 HUF / 45 minutes
3-4 participants 48,000 HUF / 32 lessons
5 or more participants 42,000 HUF / 32 lessons

We can start up a group course with 3 a minimum of applicants, depending on their level and schedule. One-to-one lessons can start within a week.

About us

Since 1983 we have been at the forefront of language teaching in Budapest. Our aim to upgrade and innovate, and to offer the best possible options for anyone wishing to study with us. Feedback from our students and teachers is very important for us as we believe that this helps us to progress and develop, while at the same time satisfying everyone’s requirements.

Babilon Language School is a founding member of the  Association of Hungarian Language Schools.

Vig Antonella

Vig Antonella

Office manager
Mező Vivien

Mező Vivien

Course organizer
Alasdair Mack

Alasdair Mack

Director of Studies
Bihari Eszter

Bihari Eszter

Director of Studies

Babilon Language School

1075 Budapest, Károly krt. 3/a. IV. em.

Tel: +36 1 269 55 31, +36 20 368 17 48

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 9.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m., Friday 9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

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