English Language Course and 21st Century Skills for Teachers and School Staff

Course Description

The course aims at enhancing English language skills of participants by applying a wide range of 21st century skills. The aim is to provide you with a solid understanding of general English for your level (A2-C1). Before you come, take an online test to make sure your class is the right level for you.  Your teachers will work closely with you to develop your accuracy, fluency and overall confidence in your communication skills, along with 21st century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving.


  • To improve participants’ productive skills
  • To improve participants receptive skills
  • To enhance participants’ competence in communication linked to specific situations
  • To enhance the need in participants to develop their language skills continuously
  • Participants will start and complete an individual project during the course
  • Participants will develop self confidence when using English
  • Participants will develop fluency
  • To give participants a view of student driven classrooms learner autonomy

Learning outcomes

  • Participants will improve their language skills
  • Participants will learn apply different techniques to improve their language skills
  • Participants will acquire the need for continuous language development
  • Participants will experience the stages and the efficiency of individual work
  • Participants will have enhanced communication skills
  • Participants will learn to apply learner autonomy for improving their own language skills
  • Participants will become more fluent in English
  • Participants will produce language with more self confidence

Sample Timetable (for A2-B1)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:00- Ice breaking and group formation activities. Introductions and group bonding. Listening: Listening comprehension (Short audio clips with follow-up questions) Listening: Podcasts (Listening to authentic English conversations) Speaking: Group discussions (Sharing thoughts on cultural differences) Speaking: Presentations (Preparing and delivering short presentations) SPRE project: share what you have learnt with your fellow trainees
10:45- Needs analysis and goal setting Speaking: Debates (Discussing pros and cons of various topics) Listening: TED Talks (Listening to inspiring speeches and discussing) Using apps and online tools for language learning and teaching of any subjects Introduction into Flipped classroom method: task and group discussion SPRE project: share what you have learnt with your fellow trainees
12:00- Speaking: Role-play scenarios used when abroad (Ordering food in a restaurant) Vocabulary: Word formation (Prefixes, suffixes, and root words) Creative role play and drama based activities Vocabulary: Academic vocabulary (Terms commonly used in academic settings) Using authentic materials in the classroom effectively. A practical workshop Wrap up and presentation of certificates
Language level: English A1 – C1 (depending on participant’s level)
Locations: Budapest (Hungary), Eindhoven (Netherlands), and Pula (Croatia)
Time: 9 AM to 2:30 PM daily (extracurricular activities outside of learning activities)
Dates: Budapest: 22-26 January, 19-23 February, 18-22 March, 29 March – 2 April, 13-17 May, 15-19 July, 12-16, 19-23 August, 2-6 September, 21-25 October 2024, (5 days, 25 lessons)
Eindhoven: 5-9 August, 12-16 August, 2024 (5 days 25 lessons)
Pula 22-27 July, 29 July – 3 August, 5-10 August, 2024 (6 days, 30 lessons)
Price: Budapest: €430 (5 days), Eindhoven: €510 (5 days), Pula: €510 (6 days) including extracurricular cultural activities and welcome dinner

*The language of the course is English, linguistic aid may be provided for speakers of Hungarian with lower language abilities

The course complies with all rules as set in the Quality Standards of the Erasmus+ program. Extracurricular activities are in addition to the lessons, and study groups are international. Note: should the latter condition not be met, participants will be informed 40 days in advance.

Payment facilities: participants with funding from the actual year’s project budget may ask to request a deposit of EUR 100 to guarantee their places on the course and pay the rest of the fees later.

It is possible to take part in 2 consecutive courses, please book both separately. A price reduction of 15% will be applied.